It's All About YOU...

If you're like most Christian wives, you're wearing 15 different hats and feeling overwhelmed.  You know you need to spend time with your family, get the laundry done or the meals made, and try to tackle the hundred other things on your to-do list!  But you have limited time and energy to spend in spiritual refreshment every day.  You want a simple way to escape the worries of your hectic day and still fill your mind with the things of God.  That's where I come in.

It's All About HIM...

If you're feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or stressed out about finances, know and live in the hope of Jesus our Lord! 

He is always Faithful and True.  He is always right there with us in our struggles; He is Emmanuel.  And we look forward to that "blessed hope" of eternity spent with Him.

Knowing Christ and making Him known is the cry of our hearts.  And He longs to be known more.  There is always an attribute of God that answers every need in our lives.  If you're overwhelmed, He is our Rest.  If you're worried about finances, He is our Provider, our Good Shepherd.  If you're feeling hopeless, He is the All-Sufficient, All-Powerful One who is Love.  Welcome His embrace and just rest in Him today.  That's all I'm trying to lead you to.  And I struggle with this, too, so we'll be reminding each other.

It's Not About Me...

...but let me introduce myself.

It's me! Little, ol' Lila :)

My first name is pronounced Li-la, as in long i. :) My middle name is Joy. My dad chose my first name, and my mom chose my middle. They love to tell me that since Lila means "pure" and joy means "delight," that I am their "pure delight."  That's debatable.

I have been married to the only love of my life Chris for 16 years. I am a homeschool mother to two energetic boys, ages 12 and 8.

I have been writing at some level ever since grade school and have been published in my high school’s newsletter and the Who’s Who of American High School Students. When I'm not working on a Christian fiction novel or my blog about Creating Romance in marriage, I do a lot of journaling in my scrapbooking, my main hobby apart from reading fiction. I also love singing Alto, listening to Praise & Worship music, just started oil painting, bingeing Netflix, and taking long, relaxing bubble baths while reading some more. 

I have grown up in church, accepted the Lord at a young age, and graduated from a Bible college with a 4-year Humanities degree. I love Bible study and am passionate about the importance of filling our minds with quality thoughts and images that point our minds back to Jesus (Philippians 4:8). 

This is the reason I write Christian novels, because I need them. I need to escape from the overwhelming stress of everyday life and relax in a good book, but I also need to vigilantly guard what I fill my mind with. I know other Christian women do, too. This is why I am excited about my Christian Romance series, the “Love is…” Series, based on the Bible’s definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13. 

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