Definition of Christian Romance

Next week, we’ll be focusing on Jesus’ birth. Last week, we focused on Jesus’ reason for being born, His death as the perfect sacrifice. (If you missed it, you can read about the Beauty of the Church here.) This week, I want to focus on one aspect of Jesus’ life: the Bridegroom, the object of our spiritual romance as the “Lover of our Souls.” ;)

What is Christian Romance and is it beneficial or harmful to Christians?

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Black Friday Gift Ideas for Christian Readers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big deals in America, especially in the business world. Many businesses spend all year in the red and don't break even until this weekend.

While I don't like the emphasis on materialism, selfishness, and big business ads on top of ads, this time can be used wisely by Christians to show true thanksgiving. Though tempting to buy a lot of stuff “just because it's on sale,” If we plan ahead, we can show our loved ones how thankful we are God has placed them in our lives by buying thoughtful gifts while still remaining good stewards of our financial gifts by utilizing the best prices of the year.

Knock out some of the stress of the holiday season by crossing off items on your to-buy list of gifts, specifically those with spiritual benefits of refreshment and nourishment.

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Ideas for Great Book Nooks

We talked last week about why books can impact us so deeply. This week I wanted to inspire you to take some extra time before the holidays and curl up with a good book. Here are some great ideas for book nooks, book corners, and reading escapes to get you in the mood for a relaxing read.

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"Book Hangovers:" Why Books Impact You Long After You've Finished the Last Page... and What to Do With that Impact

Reading books is my number one way to relax. But when I finished the last page and close the book, something happens inside me. I often need some time to work through the emotions and ideas stirred within me by the author. That processing time is called a “book hangover.” What about you? Have you ever felt like this?

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