My Current Reading List

As we come up on vacation time, I wanted to lighten your reading (as well as my writing) load. :) 

I usually read fiction, because I love it!  I love relaxing and escaping into another world.  The characters of my favorite books are always there where I left them, and they never change or abandon me.  However, I also try to force myself to read a non-fiction every so often, because I know it’s good for me, especially Christian non-fiction or biographies of great Christian leaders.

Right now, my fiction fix is being satisfied with the Little House on the Prairie series yet again.  It’s one of my favorites, even though it’s a children’s book.  Reading it again as a parent gives me insight into why Pa and Ma Ingalls acted and said what they did.  Things that Laura may not have fully understood at the time as a child, but writing it as an adult, I can tell that she put some things in that showed she understood.

I have just finished the Long Winter.  It’s such a cold book!  If I’m feeling hot, I cuddle up with the Long Winter, and I give thanks for the warmth.  It also makes me so thankful for modern conveniences like running water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, stoves, soft beds and couches, and tons of avenues for entertainment.  It’s also a good reminder that if we lose all those things, we could still survive.  In fact, having to “make do” with less often brings out ingenuity, creativity, and enjoyment of the little things. 

Now I’m beginning Little Town on the Prairie, detailing Laura’s life as a young teen before she grows up.  She gets her first job in town, sewing shirts.  I don’t remember much of what happens, so I am eager to find out what happens just before my favorite of the series, These Happy Golden Years.

I know that fiction only is a meager diet.  I need to keep my mind sharp by learning new words and ideas.  I also need to learn from someone other than my pastor, if I’m going to get a well-rounded theology.  I believe this is the key to knowing why I believe.  Pastors and Sunday School teachers often only focus on “what” you should believe.  But they don’t often go deep into the “why” that belief is what we should believe, especially the arguments against it.  So even though I don’t love to, I choose to improve my mind by reading Christian non-fiction.

The non-fiction book I’m reading right now is Adorned, by Nancy Leigh (formerly DeMoss) Wolgemuth.  It’s basically a Bible Study on Titus chapter 2, focusing on the mentoring relationships between “older” and “younger” women.  I am reading the chapters along with a couple of other women, so I have to stay on everyone else’s pace.  Therefore, I’m only on Chapter 4.  So far, it feels all very introductory and basic (like milk) to me.  I’m sure she had to start with sharing the importance of mentoring in case most of the women who picked up her book weren’t practicing it yet.  But I keep thinking, “Okay, I’ve already joined a mentoring group.  I’ve been looking forward to it for almost two years!  Let’s get on with the good stuff—the meat, the practicality!” 

My To-Read-Next List is extensive!

·         Magnolia Story, the story of Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper

·         D.L. Moody Collection, sermons, anecdotes, and life story

·         Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength

·         Tim Tebow’s Through My Eyes

·         Boring by Michael Kelley (my pastor just recommended it)

·         I just read a blurb about Lois and M. John Bollinger’s new book, The Elven Chronicles, which is “a Unique Mix of Fantasy and Faith.”  That’s right up my alley!  I’m excited to see how it stacks up to my favorite Christian fantasies by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

·         And the next fiction series on my list is one I have copies of but have never read before.  That’s out of the ordinary for me. 😊  My best friend just gave me the first three in Jan Karon’s A Mitford Trilogy.

What are you reading right now?  What book are you chomping at the bit to start?