3 Powerful P's to Practically Pursue Your Passion

Digging Deeper into your Why to be your Authentic Self

You need to have a good reason to spend your time on an activity. There are so many time-guzzlers. Even if they're good, they may not be the best thing to spend your time on. The key is to dig deep into the reason you want to do it.


Photo by Keila Hotzel, used by permission from  Unsplash . Created by Lila Diller in  Canva .

Photo by Keila Hotzel, used by permission from Unsplash. Created by Lila Diller in Canva.

Last year I launched my author business. Impatient to hit publish, I sped through editing and didn't even think about marketing until after I hit publish. Crickets. Literally, no sales except to my mother. :)

So I went searching for marketing advice. I followed many gurus. Every single one of them told me that you need to start with your WHY. Why are you doing what you're doing? In my case, why do I write?

I wrote down the first thing that came into my head and sped on through the next steps. I never questioned continuing, but I did struggle with clarity. What would readers of my Christian Romance novels want to know about me? What were they searching for?

I tried some posts just to gain followers. Crickets.

I tried some posts just to entertain. Crickets.

I tried some posts digging deeper into my knowledge. A few likes.

I began to realize that I needed to go back to square one and clarify my purpose. More began to happen; not overnight, nothing took off and went viral. But I was connecting with who I am.

Main takeaway: You have to be yourself. You have to know yourself to be yourself. You have to love yourself to be yourself. And you have to then show yourself in a clear and authentic way to let others see you being yourself.

You can learn more about yourself and your goals if you will answer these three P's for yourself.

Here are my 3 P's for my writing. Replace them with your own passions.

1. Personal

What are my personal reasons? Writing helps me to articulate my thoughts in ways I don't verbally. And it's fun. I love it when the words flow smoothly. I love it when I get an idea that excites me.

2. Professional

What are my professional goals? Writing hopefully will be a way I can help my husband make money and help relieve some (not all) of the financial burdens of responsibility off his weighted shoulders.

3. Profound

What are the profound, the deep, even spiritual, reasons you want to do this? What are your passions?

Writing is my venue, my tool, to accomplish these goals:


      • to bring hope to other Christian marriages

      • to shine the light of Jesus' truth to all I come in contact with

              • encouraging & edifying believers

              • engaging & evangelizing unbelievers

      • to dig deeper in my Christian walk with the Lord and to share that joy with others

      • to be a good steward of my talents and abilities (Like the song by Mike's Chair says, “...all I can do is thank you!” and writing is a way to thank Him for all He has done, all He is doing, and all He will do my life.)

Conclusion: Don't be someone you're not just to sell something. Think about what talents, abilities, or passions God has given you. Go deep and write down all the Personal, Professional, and Profound reasons to pursue one of those passions. What is one passion you want to pursue this year?

Join the Conversation: What is one passion you want to pursue this year?