Black Friday Gift Ideas for Christian Readers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big deals in America, especially in the business world. Many businesses spend all year in the red and don't break even until this weekend.

While I don't like the emphasis on materialism, selfishness, and big business ads on top of ads, this time can be used wisely by Christians to show true thanksgiving. Though tempting to buy a lot of stuff “just because it's on sale,” If we plan ahead, we can show our loved ones how thankful we are God has placed them in our lives by buying thoughtful gifts while still remaining good stewards of our financial gifts by utilizing the best prices of the year.

Knock out some of the stress of the holiday season by crossing off items on your to-buy list of gifts, specifically those with spiritual benefits of refreshment and nourishment.

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How to Love your Child using their Love Language of Quality Time

Do you have a child who loves to spend time doing things with you and just being with you? Do they hate being ignored? Then chances are, their love language is also Quality Time.

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How do I romance my husband and be a romantic wife? These are a few date night ideas for married couples, to celebrate your anniversary or any other special date, plus times when the wife just wants to reconnect with her husband,especially where the husband is usually the initiator.

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How can I romance my wife after marriage?

Some men seem to have a handle on “romance.” They bring flowers often, they whisper sweet nothings, and they don’t need to be reminded of anniversaries or date nights. The rest of us envy their wives. But “romance” is different for every couple, because every couple’s relationship is different, and every person likes different things. So how do you increase romance in your marriage?

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